Ourexecutive team

Meet Dennis & brock

Dennis Fountaine

Founder & Board Chairman

An entrepreneurial “inventor”, Mr. Fountaine has been creating and developing new technologies and products for 20+ years.

Mr. Fountaine has created everything from the very first wireless ear-piece for mobile devices to pet products, ice cream desserts, law enforcement products, consumer electronics, entertainment and sports and health related products. He holds numerous Intellectual Property Patents in various markets and has successfully invented, developed, licensed and sold his IP.

Mr. Fountaine’s experience, track record and keen sense to detect emerging market trends has enabled BioPPE to become poised as the market leader in innovative and much-needed PPE

Brock Flint


Mr. Flint has 20+ years experience in leadership and growth and a passion for removing business friction with amazing solutions

Mr. Flint has built start-up teams from 0 to high 8 figures in revenue, launched teams that became top global performers, raised $13M in Series A funding in his first start up, managed the integration and growth for a national team after a $5M acquisition, and has played leaderindividual contributor and sold to enterprise brands like Cisco, aws, Nokia, EY, Bose, etc.

Now, more than ever, Mr. Flint is building, taking action, and helping do his part in this crazy 'next normal'.

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